Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Loving: Rosita Bonita

I started a subscription to Joliebox a couple of months ago because its main competitor was becoming pretty poor (*cough* glossybox *cough*). Anyway. I'm not going to review the contents because nobody cares BUT I'm going to make a pretty big deal out of the little £10 off boticca voucher that came inside my box. Boticca is unique showcase of independent jewellery designers all over the world. Initially I thought that it would be super luxe £300 for a pendant type website and well, I was kind of correct. However, after browsing the site for a little longer I discovered a small amount of slightly more affordable, awesome pieces. I fell in love with the collection by Rosita Bonita. Here are my favourites by her on boticca:
There are many more beautiful pieces on her website. I have my eye on the "all seeing eye pendant" (on website) and the gold rose earrings. So much for me just trying to grab something for cheap to take advantage of an offer. TYPICAL.


  1. Really pretty earrings!


  2. the earrings are so cute! need a pair in my life!! x


  3. They are even nicer in real life! :)