Thursday, 18 April 2013

Object Of Desire: Galibardy Painted Jawbone Bangle

Usually I dedicate a few minutes of my day browsing the Etsy app on my phone and trawling through pages of hundreds of statement rings, knuckle rings and drooling over druzy pieces. Today I took a look at one of my old favorites, London based designers Galibardy. I hadn't visited their page in a couple of years so I was curious to see what gems are currently up for sale. My jaw dropped (no pun oh ok pun intended) at the sight of this bracelet. I'm forever a fan of slightly grim macabre looking pieces of jewellery. This is right up my street, parked in my driveway. It's even hand painted! I don't really need any more convincing. High up on the wishlist it is.

Painted Jaw Bone Bangle, £25, Galibardy

Friday, 12 April 2013

Product I Frigging Adore Alert Part 1: Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm 008

First post in a month. I know right, I'm so rubbish at having a blog but let me just say, my blog will be a year old this week! A whole year and I haven't deleted it! WOW WHAT AN ACCOMPLISHMENT, YOU GUYS. (I am a compulsive deleter of all things internet. Facebook, Livejournal. The lot, you name it so this is quite a big deal)

Today I'm going to rave about this product that I purchased yesterday for an obscene amount of money (£18) it’s a freaking lip balm. My boyfriend was speechless when we walked out of boots and I confessed how much that little red box had cost me. I got pure splurge guilt when I opened the box this morning to try it out on my lips but let me tell you, it's that good I'm 100% over the guilt.

I first heard about the limited edition Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balms about two years ago. I was transfixed on the images of the bright punchy candy pop sticks that promised hydration for the lips along with a sheer wash of colour. As it was a limited edition product only released once a year, I had to skip on these and completely forgot about them until now. I've been on a hunt for an everyday lip product which gives a stain like finish with longevity without causing dryness. I feel that I've reached a stage where I'm growing out of gloss but I find that the feel of lipstick every day drives me crazy whilst at the same time, products like Revlon Lip Butter melt like mad and always make me conscious of the whole lipstick on teeth thing.

This is where Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm steps in. This is exactly the kind of product that I've been searching for! A pigmented lipstick housed inside a transparent jelly. The product delivers a stain like finish that feels lightweight and softening. No thickness or drying flaky lips for me and most importantly for me, no more of the dreaded lipstick on teeth! I'm using 008 which is a deep berry shade. The only main issue with this is the price. £18 is way overpriced for a product that probably won't last me longer than a few months but I have too much love for it. I just want all of them so I can line them up and stare at the gummy bear like push pop jelly perfection!

I swatched all of the shades in store and didn't find the brigher two (005 & 006) anywhere near as pigmented. 007 is also a deeper plum shade but with a hint of bronze to it which didn't appeal to me as much.

If you're into the look of this I'd suggest getting down to a Boots ASAP as these won't last long!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Lust Haves - March Edition

Jaws tee £19.99, Zara I have a Tee and Cake sweater with a similar image on but as a bulky sweater I am not so keen on it now. As a tee this is much easier to style and I love how the image looks and has a painted effect. So cool. Do I stick Tee and Cake on the bay of e and then snap up this guy?

Bitter Orange and Chocolate cologne, £38.00, Jo Malone I'm very sad at how late to the party I am with the limited edition Sugar and Spice range released by Jo Malone. With scents like Red Currant and Cream and the deliciously named Bitter Orange and Chocolate I am seriously dying because I LIVE FOR THIS SHIT. Sad times though, this is sold out online.

Nail Lacquer in "Stun", $8, Floss Gloss Floss Gloss is an independent California based nail polish brand with a pretty impressive looking gallery of photos uploaded by fans of their products. All products are 4 free and and come in a range of sweet punchy shades and fierce full on glitters which retail for a purse friendly 8 bucks! Into it.

Sabertooth Doughnut ring, $100, Vera Meat I'm a huge fan of Vera Meat rings, I don't think I need to explain why I want this in my life. It's a tiger eating a doughnut. Brilliant.

Estee Lauder See Thru Blush in Light Snow, £48, Selfridges I was raving about my Mad Men lipstick back in November over here. The new limited edition collection has been released with updated packaging for a later 1960s feel. I love the look of the compact and I'm so glad to see it being released on this side of the pond but at nearly £50 for a blush it's something I'll sadly have to skip on!

Tori Vintage Headscarf, £6, Crown and Glory I'm new to checking out Crown and Glory despite seeing them featured on a few blogs. These vintage style headscarves (made from reclaimed material) come in a variety of different prints and are perfect and totally Betty Draper/Francis!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Mac Cosmetics Archie's Girls Lipstick "Betty Bright"

I was introduced to the world of Archie, Betty, Veronica and the rest of their gang at the age of 10 whilst on a holiday in California. I still have many of my old copies of the famous Double Digest comics dating back from the mid 90s in my old bedroom. Being a big sucker for the limited edition packaging Mac Collections I did a little freak out when I first heard about the launch of the Archie's Girls collection!

The collection is split into two ranges, the pretty neutral pinks for blonde Betty and deeper sexier shades for brunette vixen Veronica.

I'd consider myself to be suited more towards Veronica's look but I found myself gravitating more towards the "Betty Bright" swatches which appeared to be a pastel peachy shade.

I have since found it to be more of a pink than a pastel coral. Still nice and wearable but not as unique as it appeared in photos online. Bummer. I'm still 100% certain that this is the greatest lipstick packaging I have ever owned.

The collection is mostly sold out online (I signed up to be alerted when it was launched but I was never sent an email! This happened a couple of years ago with Wonder Woman) and in Selfidges but it was released in freestanding stores yesterday, on 7/03/13)

If I wasn't totally screwed in the money department, I'd be all over the Pearl Matte face powder and mini brush kit too. I KNOW the brushes in these kits aren't up to the regular standard but I think they are the cutest little things and are fantastic for holidays (because like, I go on so many, right?) but who can resist the little red hearts on the handles?


Monday, 18 February 2013

Barry M Textured Polish You Are Totally Up My Alley

I saw this stuff on the Barry M stand at Superdrug today and it was calling my name. YO SARA YOU KNOW YOU WANT WEIRD TEXTURED NAILS IN THIS SUPER CUTE EASTER BUNNY YELLOW COLOUR. PICK ME UP! So alas, I did. I picked up the Barry M Textured Nail Effect Polish in "Station Road" (I also picked up a buddy for it. A pale sky blue in "Atlantic Road")

According to the Barry M website these colours are named after the Markets of South and East London. Um, ok whatever you say, Barry.

Can I just say, two coats in... I frigging love this stuff. Once you get over the whole sandpaper-like texture deal this is kind of like the idea of the OPI liquid sand (which I posted about last time. I promise there is more to my life than nail polish) There is a very slight glitter to the yellow yet it still remains matte. How does that even work? It's a MYSTERY. These little cuties retail for £3.99 and are currently on offer for 2 for £6 at Superdrug which obviously was enough to tempt me.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Testing: OPI Liquid Sand/Mariah Carey Collection

I'll let you know straight out that I have never been a fan of Miss Mariah (ok ok apart from holding a little nostalgic double denim love for the sweet sweet fantasy days of '95) but when I read Tynan's post over at xojane last month I knew this was a launch I had to pour my pennies out for.

I picked up the 4 pack from Sally's the other day. I never normally go for the mini bottles because I'm super paranoid that the little suckers are gonna dry out after 3 uses (and god knows, I paint my nails on a daily basis so this would really upset me) I suffer from serious nail polish attachment issues so what do I do when I fall in love with a pink glitter that only sells for megabucks 6 months time on Ebay? Serious issues you guys.

This is "Get Your Number" which is, shock horror the only colour I have tested so far! Basically, you apply 2/3 coats and skip the top coat. This is difficult for me because A. I'm addicted to my top coat and B. The feeling of gritty chalkboard nails is hellish. I managed to keep away from the Seche Vite for a whole 24 hours. I painted my nails yesterday afternoon and the chipping was minor (and that's after working a delivery shift at a clothing store)

The verdict? Undecided. I'm pretty sure that, yet again I have been sucked into an incredible marketing ploy aimed just for fools like me. I've flirted with caviar nails (looked great for 30 mins, then I hated them and those pesky balls UGH) fur effect nails (worst shit ever. avoidavoidavoid at all costs you will not be Sesame Street character chic. You will look like you played a part in a pre school arts and crafts session with a PVA glue mishap) Basically, they are kind of cool. There is some kind of invisible clear grittiness to them which gives off this "liquid sand" effect (genius) but I'm thinking, surely I can just use any regular glitter polish and a matte top coat and achieve the same effect?

Yeah, but it wouldn't be so fun.

I'm wearing "Get Your Number" & rings by Evil Twin and Vera Meat if you care

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Monday, 28 January 2013

Do you know who you are?

Hi all. I'm still alive, I promise! I am have been struggling for thinking of things to post on here but I'm currently in the process of starting a new beauty focussed blog and new possible business venture to tie on with that. I will keep you updated!

In the meantime, focus your eyes on this little piece of finger beauty by Erikson Beamon

If you know, you have a spare £272 to spare you can locate it here