Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Testing: OPI Liquid Sand/Mariah Carey Collection

I'll let you know straight out that I have never been a fan of Miss Mariah (ok ok apart from holding a little nostalgic double denim love for the sweet sweet fantasy days of '95) but when I read Tynan's post over at xojane last month I knew this was a launch I had to pour my pennies out for.

I picked up the 4 pack from Sally's the other day. I never normally go for the mini bottles because I'm super paranoid that the little suckers are gonna dry out after 3 uses (and god knows, I paint my nails on a daily basis so this would really upset me) I suffer from serious nail polish attachment issues so what do I do when I fall in love with a pink glitter that only sells for megabucks 6 months time on Ebay? Serious issues you guys.

This is "Get Your Number" which is, shock horror the only colour I have tested so far! Basically, you apply 2/3 coats and skip the top coat. This is difficult for me because A. I'm addicted to my top coat and B. The feeling of gritty chalkboard nails is hellish. I managed to keep away from the Seche Vite for a whole 24 hours. I painted my nails yesterday afternoon and the chipping was minor (and that's after working a delivery shift at a clothing store)

The verdict? Undecided. I'm pretty sure that, yet again I have been sucked into an incredible marketing ploy aimed just for fools like me. I've flirted with caviar nails (looked great for 30 mins, then I hated them and those pesky balls UGH) fur effect nails (worst shit ever. avoidavoidavoid at all costs you will not be Sesame Street character chic. You will look like you played a part in a pre school arts and crafts session with a PVA glue mishap) Basically, they are kind of cool. There is some kind of invisible clear grittiness to them which gives off this "liquid sand" effect (genius) but I'm thinking, surely I can just use any regular glitter polish and a matte top coat and achieve the same effect?

Yeah, but it wouldn't be so fun.

I'm wearing "Get Your Number" & rings by Evil Twin and Vera Meat if you care

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  1. They do look fantastic but I think I'd get annoyed after a while because of how they'd feel. Not what I imagined from "liquid sand" at all!

    Amy x cocktailsinteacups.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Ooh these do look quite pretty on the nails but I think I'd be the same as you! I love my smoothe nails and is be digging out the top coat!

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