Friday, 8 March 2013

Mac Cosmetics Archie's Girls Lipstick "Betty Bright"

I was introduced to the world of Archie, Betty, Veronica and the rest of their gang at the age of 10 whilst on a holiday in California. I still have many of my old copies of the famous Double Digest comics dating back from the mid 90s in my old bedroom. Being a big sucker for the limited edition packaging Mac Collections I did a little freak out when I first heard about the launch of the Archie's Girls collection!

The collection is split into two ranges, the pretty neutral pinks for blonde Betty and deeper sexier shades for brunette vixen Veronica.

I'd consider myself to be suited more towards Veronica's look but I found myself gravitating more towards the "Betty Bright" swatches which appeared to be a pastel peachy shade.

I have since found it to be more of a pink than a pastel coral. Still nice and wearable but not as unique as it appeared in photos online. Bummer. I'm still 100% certain that this is the greatest lipstick packaging I have ever owned.

The collection is mostly sold out online (I signed up to be alerted when it was launched but I was never sent an email! This happened a couple of years ago with Wonder Woman) and in Selfidges but it was released in freestanding stores yesterday, on 7/03/13)

If I wasn't totally screwed in the money department, I'd be all over the Pearl Matte face powder and mini brush kit too. I KNOW the brushes in these kits aren't up to the regular standard but I think they are the cutest little things and are fantastic for holidays (because like, I go on so many, right?) but who can resist the little red hearts on the handles?


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  1. There are soe nice shades in this collection. I got the coral lipgloss. :) x