Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Galaxy Nail attempt #2

I tried this out for the first time about 8/9 months ago and it looked like a 6 year old had a play date on my nails. A bit of sheer boredom and a polish biting session spurred me on to try this out again. It still looks pretty poor because my nails are back to non existant because THEY ARE SO WEAK AND KEEP BREAKING but it's a lot better than my first attempt.

What I used:

Sally Hansen double duty base and top coat
Sally Hansen Insta Dri (not necessary but an excellent quick dry topcoat which adds an amazing gel like shine)
Revlon black lingerie
Revlon blue lagoon
China Glaze towel boy toy
Color Club neon purple
Color Club neon pink
Models Own Ibiza mix
Paul and Joe 014
2 x cut up pieces of make up sponges

After protecting my nails with a base of double duty I painted two coats of black lingerie.
When this dried I sponged on a small amount of blue lagoon (light blue) to about 1/2 of the nail.
Next, a small amount of towel boy toy (frosted mid blue) was smudged around that.
I then used very small amounts of the Color Club neons on the sponge.
The look was finished off with one coat of Ibiza mix (mixed glitter) and two coats of the Paul and Joe glitter (silver blue glitter)
I set the look with double duty and a coat of Insta Dri for extra shine.

The trick is to add a minimal amount of polish on the sponge which is where I went wrong last time. Anyway. I'm a nail art amature. For best results there are lots of really great tutorials on youtube such as this one which I would advise following instead.

Oh, and does anybody have tips for sorting out nasty dry cuticles? My chewed ones are pretty embarrassing!


  1. I chew my cuticles too! actually I practically eat away half my fingers- Im really bad with them.
    I use this on my nails http://be-a-goddess.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/i-only-wanted-to-see-you-underneath.html
    its really gentle and you can either massage it in or leave it to soak in (usually I do that over night)
    thank you so much for you lovely comment on my blog- yours is amazing! and youve gained a new follower

  2. Rub olive oil in them, it's so good for so many things. Baby oil is great too, to leave over night ( also I use soap and glory hand lotion and that keeps my horrid hands looking good). Loving the galaxy nails <3 you should try taking a supplement, I started a month ago and my nails are getting stronger already. Hope any of my crappy advice helps kitten. Following xx