Friday, 7 September 2012

Hey kiddies. I'm back after my absence of a month. I have excuses. First, my keyboard broke (cause of death, a combination of tiredness and a hot cup of tea) So I ordered an external one and then guess what? next my charger breaks! I get luckier everyday.

I've been dealing with a bit of illness and general crappy times throughout the past month so I'll just say that I'm glad it's September! I'm down for GMT and painting my nails glittery black. I am not however, down for my impending 27th birthday (how did that happen? no, really.) I have dreaded 27 since turning 20. Getting older is terrifying. And generally just a bit crap.

because I'm totally not tech savvy I have no idea how to do that clever thing were you can get instagram photos on your blog in a little grid so I will just post a couple at random because guess what? I have no idea what I want to post.

Seriously in love with this bag. £5 ebay bargain on a Sunday afternoon. No idea how that happened. Leather emblazoned Egyptian detail. Swoon. While we're on the subject of this photo, can I just point out that these shoes are the worst, most uncomfortable pieces of shit ever? Topshop, Temptress. Fucking awful waste of £33. I thought they'd be a more durable version of the ever popular "vectra" style but the backs of them are like razorblades. Terrible.
Pocky and Don Draper. I think I already mentioned this little TV show called Mad Men that I'm a little addicted to. Currently suffering from withdrawal symptoms because Netflix only goes up to series 4. I am in desperate need of Series 5 and I'm a little crap at that whole downloading illegally thing. Sigh.
Erdem phone case I won from Miss Penny Dreadful!One of my favourite bloggers. Check her out.
Homemade matcha chiller! Soya milk, half a teaspoon of matcha powder, a little sweetener, throw it in the blender for a few seconds and volia, drink of dreams.

My instagram account is feedingthefire if you are up for more photos of food, impulse purchases and pointless tv caps!


  1. That bag's mint. I will also be turning 27 this time.. we will be ok. Really!

  2. oh my goth that bag in unblievable! stunning!
    i think everyone gets to 27 and thinks 'oh no' apparentluy its the age in which my family have a mini mid-life crisis and im not looking faward to it either
    thanks for the comment on my blog- sorry to hear your sneakers are uncomfortable. i dont have that problem with mine but i did buy them a size bigger than my normal size like i do with all heels