Sunday, 22 July 2012

Vintage Dior handbag for £5. Oh my god.

So, I went to a car boot sale today. I was literally in the last aisle of it wondering why some people bother. People are deluded with their ridiculous ranges of junk. I actually saw someone selling a roll on glitter gel in a range that I remember Superdrug sold when I was in year 8 at school. For the record, I'm 27 in a few months. So much VHS, nasty clothing, used body lotions, board games from 1989, horrible ornaments, the list could go on forever. People are seriously shocking.

I was about to give up all hope and then my eyes caught sight of the brown Dior monogram logo on a table that was still being set up. I was still unsure about whether it was genuine or not but regardless it still looked about 20+ years old.

I asked the man how much.

“£5" he replied. uninterested.

I literally clutched onto it for dear life whilst getting the cash out from my purse. Real deal or not, I had no concern for the price of £5.

Now, I am no designer bag expert but I really do have a strong feeling that this is genuine. The logo is woven and that appears have been a popular style of Dior bag in the 70s/80s. The gold detailing on the leather strap and the general overall quality really do suggest so. I'm thinking about taking it to the Dior department in Selfridges to see if they can authenticate it for me.

Best bootsale find ever, hands down.

Oh, and while we're on the subject of bargains, Poundland are selling Stila tinted moisturizer (spf 30, oil free!) I grabbed 3. Go go!


  1. Hey lady, wonderful to find you again! The internet is a small place right? Last I remember you'd moved to Manchester, are you still living here? Would be good to meet up.

    This is an amaze find - there used to be a LiveJournal community (haha) who were really good at telling whether bags were real or fake. Sadly it doesn't seem to exist anymore. If I were you I'd just swear down it was real and threaten to fight anyone who disagreed.

  2. I moved back down to London just about a year ago. It's a shame we weren't in contact while I was there. I worked at the Trafford Centre and I wasn't loving it too much haha. x