Friday, 27 July 2012

they're talking about you boy but you're still the same

The London Opening Ceremony pop up store opened last week and obviously I had to check it out as soon as I could. Two floors filled with desirable pieces that I will never be able to afford. I spotted the metal style logo tee and Tokyo sweater (which holds a special place in my heart because that's where my love affair with this awesome brand started) online. $50 & $75.
I'm in the market for a leather biker and this fine suede one from Monki ticks all the right boxes. Jessi leather jacket, 12O EUR
Topshop are always high on the list of contenders when it comes to A/W boots. These bear an ever so slight resemblance to the YSL (or should that be Saint Laurent, or who cares) Leather and suede wedge ankle boots but the real selling point of these shoes (besides how breathtakingly hot they are) is the reviews. There are seven zillion top reviews for these stating how comfortable they are! Clearly I need these in my life. Topshop Andreas wedge boots, £70
Apparently all Nails Inc have to do, to convince me to spend £11 on a nail polish is to put an image of a cupcake on the bottle. It's true. "Sweets Way" looks like a Deborah Lippman colour which Revlon duped that never came out in the UK. If anyone can find another dupe with a slightly friendlier price then do let me know. All my nails do is break and I paint them far too often (as in daily) to justify spending £11 on one polish. Even if it is cupcake themed.


  1. Those boots are wonderful :)

    lovely blog btw!


  2. thank you for the lovely comment on my blog- i feel like i am weariing my creepers too much lately, like my other shoes will start to get jealous!
    I would fall for the same tactic with the cupcake- I am a sucker for product placement. I can drink fit to burst put place a stall of drink next to the till and im buying it