Monday, 29 October 2012

Miista Batilda Boot

Dear Diary, last night I did something really bad. I gave into the ultimate shoe temptation. I blew a small fortune on the greatest boots ever. My excuse being "it's my birthday treat!!!!" Even though I have had quite a few birthday treats throughout the month of October. To put it bluntly, I have been spending money like I'm with the bank of toytown.
Yeah, I know, right. I first found out about Hackney based brand Miista during an insomniac based night a couple of months ago. I instantly fell in love with their sharp unique designs, particularly the "Batilda" boot in the tan and black. At £165 I knew that these could only be admired from afar and had to forget about these. UNTIL I came across a mention of the brand in another bloggers post. For whatever reason I found myself on ASOS searching for the brand and found my babies reduced to £85.50 in the sale after taking off an additional 10%. I still tried so hard to forget about them but found myself searching around for reviews. All I need is for one review to state how a marathon could be run in them and that just did it for me. Part impulse purchase, part necessity. We'll see.


  1. Miista are my favourite shoe brand and you seriously won't regret this. These are Miista designer Laura's favourite winter boots and they are good to wear aaaaaall day. Trust!

  2. Haha it was actually seeing the mention of them on your blog post yesterday which spurred me on to buy them!

    I cannot wait for them to arrive! X

  3. woahh but they are amazing...