Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Product Review: Estee Lauder Mad Men Limited Edition Lipstick 78 Cherry

I had a little flip out when I heard that an Estee Lauder Mad Men collection had been released earlier this year. Being a big fan and an absolute sucker for packaging I knew I'd have to own one of the two capsule products. The two products in the collection were a lipstick and cream blush. Unfortunately these were only US released and obviously, like all great things had sold out very shortly after release.

Fortunately, my boyfriend is really great and had purchased the lipstick for me off an ebay seller for one of my birthday gifts!

Cherry is a mid pink, wearable for all skin tones. The shade is bright but very much suitable for everyday. Formula wise it is lightweight and feels comfortable on the lips, not at all drying. Staying power is average to good. It leaves a nice stain on the lips which I usually top up with gloss to keep the colour on towards the end of the day. Not quite the 1960s look I know...

The packaging and theme of the product were the real selling points for me (yep, I’m terrible) the lipstick comes in a little gold pouch and the box is decorated with the original Estee Lauder logo. The size of the product is a litte smaller than your average lipstick so I intend to use it very sparingly due to the price!

Rumour has it that there's another collaboration lined up for 2013. I will totally be on the Nordstrom’s website on the day of release. I wish I was kidding. Should I review products more often? Do my reviews suck? Does anybody actually read this? Do tell.


  1. your boyfriend is amazing! that lipstick is beautiful i wish it wasnt sold out- going to have to rele tlessly search ebay.
    i love the review its really ... 'real'. exactly what you want to hear

  2. I read it of course. Ive been crap at keeping up with blogs lately but yours is fun.

  3. I love the packaging, the colour looks beautiful! xx

  4. great post

  5. This is such a gorgeous colour! I have to try it! x