Saturday, 15 December 2012

I really kinda want this: Saako Design Hairband

Headband £24.50 @ Saakko Design via Bottica

My head/ears/face/everything are all getting especially cold during these bitter winter months and I just find hats are just too much to deal with. I came across this hairband/hairwrap/knitted head thingy and it was love at first sight. I can't even work out what the deal with the design is (is it galacic? is it aztec? oh what a mystery makes me adore it even more) but I feel drawn to it. I do however, have serious doubts about whether I can pull it off like the model in the picture. I'm thinking I'll probably resemble a crunchy granola eco warrior dreaded type circa 2000 instead.


  1. "resemble a crunchy granola eco warrior dreaded type circa 2000"


  2. That's gorgeous - love the colours! I could never pull it off as a headband, but maybe as snood?! Xx