Sunday, 9 December 2012

Product Review: Along Came Betty Range at Tesco

It's not often that I find a face product that I can say I really do truly love. I find it hard to commit to using the same products. I guess I can say I just enjoy experimenting and shopping around too much. I tend to use a variety of new products on a regular basis with the monthly (disgusting amount of) beauty boxes I supply to (it's a habit I can't seem to kick, no matter how disappointed I am every month)

So, I was in Tesco the other week having a gander at the beauty aisle and I came across a new brand "Along Came Betty" which at first glance looked like another contender for the zillions of Soap And Glory/Benefit vintage inspired ranges that everyone loves to rip off (seriously, this is getting old now) Normally I'd just pass it but I was in the mood for bit of money wasting and the nicest bath ever so I picked up a little selection to try out. Everything was on offer and the prices averaged out to around £2-3 each which is obviously pretty awesome so I got myself the Eau So Betty cologne and Glow Onmoisturiser (so Soap And Glory looking it actually pains me) The cologne is a nice fresh scent which reminds me more of bath products rather than an actual day cologne but it's nice enough to pop in your handbag and is of a decent size.

The moisturiser contains oat extracts (I LOVE when products use natural ingredients) and has a soft apricot scent and leaves the nicest healthy glow on your face. It's worth noting that if you're not into looking like a gold Christmas tree bauble then you may want to use this product sparingly as the glow can be quite intense if you like really slap your moisturiser on! I'd love to try mixing this with foundation when the weather gets less shit though.

The real show stealer for me was the Pore-Fectly Clean Hot Cloth Cleaner. I've heard all the raving about Liz Earle. I never fully understood the deal with these things but basically, you slather this on your face, leave for a minute and the soak the muslin rag with warm water and then rinse the product off your face with it. This feels a) amazing because of the heat b)amazing because the product smells like a dream c)amazing because my face felt totally clean and soft as a baby. The product felt super soft in my hands and yet again, contains all those face loving natural ingredients we all love such as shea butter, cocoa butter and cranberry antioxidant. I just checked the Tesco website and this baby retails for £2.99! Seriously do this, I promise your skin will love you for it.


  1. This does all look SO Soap & Glory/Benefit but like you at that price i'm going to have to give it a go! Hopefully my local Tesco will have the hot cloth cleaner when I go shopping tomorrow!

    Great review, thank you!

    Amy x

  2. The hot cloth cleaner is amazing. I used the liz earle stuff years ago and it was great but expensive. Along came betty is just as good, if not better, my skin is older now but looks just as good as when i used the liz earle stuff. It's all on offer at the moment so I might just stock up while I have the chance.