Friday, 7 December 2012

I just sent a pissed off email to She Said Beauty

because this is unacceptable.

(It probably doesn't read too great because it was written early and I'm rubbish at being pissed off in an email but you get the general idea!)


I have been a subscriber of yours for the past 6 months or so I have enjoyed a couple of the boxes and have been introduced to a couple of great products and appreciated the swift customer service of your team.

However, I have been incredibly unimpressed with the past couple of boxes I have received, The brands and sizes of the products have, in my opinion (and others on various social media sites) become very disappointing. The SO? mini body spray for example, which came in the last months box was a pretty poor choice and the amount of sample sachets is unacceptable. I realise that this is a beauty sampling service but at a £9 plus postage charge, the amount some of your subscribers get is appalling.

This December box was the final straw for me. I believe, if you are going to supply sachets in the box they should at least be accompanied by one of your fuller sized samples. In the dispatch email sent on Monday, The products on the list looked great, and I expected as it was your final box of the year, there would be a more an effort for a special box as you would wish for your subscribers to continue using your service. I was hoping to receive the Boujoirs nail polish remover. For some reason I figured that all your subscribers would receive one of the greater products on the list, had I not received the nail polish remover then I assumed I would get the eye shadow or facial oil, a product at a greater value.

My box has consisted mainly of sachets (including two tea bags? worth about 10p each), one nail polish from a budget brand which retails for about £1 and blue contact lenses which I would not expect to find in a beauty box (I have absolutely no plans to use these, no desire to temporarily change my eye colour)

I have checked your website where it states that you do not offer refunds but I hope that you can consider offering me one as a gesture of customer service. This is not worth anywhere near the £9 your company charges.

I hope to hear from you soon

I'll keep you updated!


  1. WOW! That is spectacularly bad! I'm glad I decided to unsub for a couple of months. I already wear contact lenses so would have been ridiculously hacked off to get them!
    I hope they reply swiftly-please let us know what they say!

  2. This is my last box in a 6 month subscription which, needless to say I will not be continuing! I heard so much great stuff about them but to be honest, I've been pretty disappointed with the majority of them.

    I will edit the post as soon as I get a response!

  3. Thats pretty terrible. There should be some kind of promise that you will get at least one decent product

  4. Well I'm with you, that box is just unacceptable! You are very much within your right to complain.
    Daisy Dayz

  5. Wow.. that is terrible! Good on you for giving them a piece of your mind. This is what has put me off subscribing to one of these, I always see such mixed reviews. Keep us updated on the outcome!

    Amy x